The Modern Europe Colloquium is a venture at Yale University designed to build up a community of scholars and students broadly interested in the study of modern European history, including relationships between Europe and other parts of the world, both at Yale and in the surrounding region. The colloquium meets about once a month  during the academic year, incorporating a variety of formats—small workshop papers, public lectures, forums around recent books, works-in-progress, graduate student presentations—that introduce new ideas and stimulate discussion.

Organized since 2016 by Jennifer Allen (Assistant Professor, History) and Terence Renaud (Post-Doctoral Associate and Lecturer, Humanities and History), the colloquium brings together faculty and graduate students from the History Department, and encourages participation by those in other disciplines, including political science, economics, sociology, and literary studies. In addition to faculty and advanced students from Yale, we also invite those from nearby universities to attend and participate. During the Fall Semester, participation in this colloquium is also a part of the mandatory core course coordinated by E&RS DGS Bruce Gordon for all first-year M.A. Students in European and Russian Studies (E&RS).

CONTACT: For more information about the colloquium and our presenters, please contact Marianne Lyden (marianne.lyden@yale.edu), Jennifer Allen (j.allen@yale.edu) or Terence Renaud (Terence.renaud@yale.edu).

The Modern European Colloquium thanks the European Studies Council of the MacMillan Center, the Department of History, and the Edward J. and Dorothy Clarke Kempf Memorial Fund for their generous support.